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Festival Entry Fees and Cut-Off Dates

We have an EARLY BIRD entry rate and a GENERAL ENTRY rate.

Since 2016 the SBF has implemented a sliding scale of band entry fees for the EARLYBIRD RATE, calculated on the proportion of time a band has to perform (i.e. the longer the performance time, the higher the entry fee). All General Entry rates are the same.

For a full list of fees and cut-off dates click the link below.


Are you a member of ABODA? If so, ABODA will be sending you a voucher code for an $80.00 discount*. If you are not a member join up now – it’s TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Better still, ask your school to pay the membership fee – it’s only $80.00!!!

Please note: the SBF is a not-for-profit event. All revenue raised from band entry fees and audience admission fees goes to the running of the Festival and the various education programs we conduct throughout the year.

*ABODA Discount Conditions: 1 discount per school only. To attract the discount, at least one of the school’s ensembles performing in this year’s SBF must be conducted by a financial member of ABODA. SBF reserves the right to check membership status with ABODA and adjust invoice if necessary.